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God has so much more for us if we could only begin to embrace His powerful truths. Lies Women Believe will help you identify some of the common lies we hold as true, as well as replace them with God's truths that can help us live in joyous freedom. Enter your email address to receive this FREE digital resource. 

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Stop letting lies control your life.

Do you feel like you have to keep things running for everyone or they'll completely fall apart?

Are you tired from trying to "hustle" like everyone else but feel like it's what you're supposed to do?

Does it seem like you're never making progress in your personal growth and you feel like it's impossible?

Start living in freedom!

About the author

As a graduate of Bible Training for Christian Leaders, Doris has been ministering to women for over 20 years. She founded Cup of Joy, a ministry that equips women to embrace & run their race well. Most commonly referred to as “Dot,” she lives in Roswell, Georgia with her husband, Howard. They have three grown children and eight grandchildren.


Dot is a contributing author for idisciple.org and blueprintforlife.com.  

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